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Improving Healthcare, Impacting Lives Mega ProHealth is an online drug store

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Today, we are recognized as one of the best pharmaceuticals franchisee service provider in India with unique products range. We provide franchisee for pharma companies in national market. We authorize proven methods to our esteemed clients of starting up a business for some amount of fee and profit. Our franchisee marketing services are the way with which we have spread our business across India.

Terms & Conditions

  • Our expectation of Business will be Rs.30000 (RS. Thirty Thousand) monthly from the area allotted to you initially. It will be reviewed after four months.
  • The Party should work in allotted area only. Medcloud may cancel rights in case of any infiltration outside allotted area.
  • Medcloud reserves all rights to change MRP, Trade price , discounts, net etc. without any prior notice.
  • Payment should be given in advance.
  • Orders will be executed in full or in part, within 3 working days of placing the order, depending upon the availability of stock and at the rates ruling on the date of execution
  • Orders should be placed in writing by courier/post/ fax/ e-mail. D.L. No., C.ST. No.& Road Permit (if applicable) / Waybill should be sent along with order.
  • Services of trained Marketing Professionals in Delhi for training of your representatives will be provided free of cost. Fooding and lodging of candidates will have to be borne by you.
  • Promotional Material, M.R.Bags, Samples & Gifts will be provided at cost.
  • Central Sales Tax @ 2% will be charged extra. ‘C’ Form must be submitted in advance for each quarter of the financial year.
  • Company will have written agreement covering all the conditions , so that you are safe and can operate freely in the assigned area for the years to come.
  • Company will provide special offer / volume discount or free goods from time to time subject to sole discretion of the company
  • You should preferably have Membership of Druggist & Chemist Association of your area . Company will not share any expenses for local NOC or donation to association.
  • All disputes are subject to Delhi jurisdiction only.

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The company has a team of highly enriched professionals, from apex institutions of India, with unique assets and skill set. The team is always eager in developing novel and distinguish scientific approaches for betterment of healthcare in India.

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